The study MUSIKORTA born in 1998, when Xabi Navarro “Jota” and Paulillo Erdozia decided to undertake this journey together, which decided to give life to the old barn of the farmhouse Goiogane in Amoroto (Bizkaia), and the sweat of their brows, rose from the ruins that were up to what it is today.

Very different paths of these two people. Paulillo one hand, the historical Etsaiak drum player with 8 albums and 20 years of road, musical informatics studies and experience.

On the other hand Jota, with extensive experience as a technician, since the first sound in 1980. Man of many facets of the music around simpre: Technician direct recording and radio, music, electronic technical … In 1986 Sun made first recording studies in Madrid, and since then only think about learning. This is the second study. The last 16 years what you have seen in the Kafe Antzokia of Bilbao, where he is responsible technician. More than 4000 groups have passed through his hands.


MUSIKORTA not just a recording studio. Here are all kinds of audio-related services: From recording and mixing albums and demos, mastering, digital media (cassette, vinyl or reel to CD, for example), studio rental with or without technical, recording of commercials, sound design equipment (bars, lounges, large sound systems …), technical service for live performances, acoustic research, audio courses, advice … The sound is our passion. Ask us.
In MUSIKORTA going slowly, which is essential if we are doing things right. Forgive the faults on this website and send us your complaints, criticisms or warnings. They are always welcome. Thanks for visiting.


MUSIKORTA is in Amoroto, 6 km. Lekeitio, in the Lea Valley Biscay. Peace reigns in this rural area, and that has great influence in creating and working with music.
We are also near the coast and, if the weather cooperates, you can give some good walks in beautiful surroundings. You can find all information here.


There are two ways to get to Musikorta: The first way is what you see in the picture, from the small town of Gizaburuaga. Gizaburuaga is in the valley of the River Lea, to 6 km. of Lekeitio.Si Gizaburuaga to Lekeitio we left, 200 m., there is a right turn towards a farmhouse (Akuiola). We spent the agrotourism, and follow up, 800 m. is the hamlet Goiogane. Alli is MUSIKORTA.

GPS coordinates: 43 º 19’50 .95 “N, 2 ° 31’35 .51” W.

We are at 133 m. on the sea level.


In MUSIKORTA work with everything related to audio. We offer many services, not in vain we are a “full service audio”:
– Recording and mixing albums and demos.
– Mastering audio.
-Rental of the study, with or without a technician.
– Live Sound: Music and all kinds of events.
– Cell Study: Multitrack Recording live events of all types of music or sound.
– Design and recording jingles.
– Digitalization of media (reel, cassette or vinyl, CD or other digital format.
– Production technique shows.
– Sound Consulting: Design of equipment for theaters, bars, auditoriums, …
– Design of recording studios: At your size and the extent of your possibilities. Cabling, patch panels …
– Rental of our study material: Pre, effects …
– Sound courses: Introduction to sound, Acustica, recording, mixing, live sound …


In the attachment you have rates for all the services we offer in MUSIKORTA. Do not hesitate to call us with your complaints, suggestions and questions.



integral audio services

Goiogane farm




GPS: 43º19´50.95″N, 2º31´35.51″O (43.330819, -2.526531‎) Directions on Google Maps.